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 Information for Authors 


Papers for submission, exclusively in English, should be sent to Economia Politica - Redazione, c/o Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, via Barberia 13, 40123 Bologna, Italy or in electronic format to

The author should state her/his address, phone number, e-mail address, academic or professional status, name of the University or other employer. Furthermore, a short bio-bibliographic note should also be enclosed.

All the papers are evaluated through a double-blind refereeing procedure. If accepted for publication, the paper will be submitted to a linguistic check by a mother tongue reader. The author is responsible for carrying over the amendments required. The final version should be forwarded in electronic format and strictly adhere to the editorial standards.

In order to get in touch with the editorial office please send an e-mail to:

Manuscripts: manuscripts should be type-written, double-spaced, 60 characters in each line, and should include a title both in English and Italian. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 25 pages (45000 characters) for the Essays section, 35 pages (63000 characters) for the Survey section, and 4 pages (7200 characters) for Book Reviews.

Abstract: a paper to be published in the Editorial Note, Essays and Survey sections should include a title and an abstract in English not exceeding 30 lines (1800 characters) and at least one Journal of Economic Literature Classification code. The information above is required also because the journal is listed in Social Sciences Citation Index, Social Scisearch and Journal of Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters - ISI Web of Knowledge) and Econlit/Journal of Economic Literature (AEA).

Sections: a paper to be published in Essays or Survey should have consecutively numbered sections, each with a distinct title.

Notes: notes should be included in the manuscript as footnotes and kept to a minimum. In general, references should be included in parenthesis in the main text and refer to the name(s) of the author(s), year of publication and possibly page number(s). For example: «This setting transpires also in other contexts (Emmerij, 1998, pp.68-70)». The same format should be used also when references are included in footnotes.

Graphs, Figures, Tables: graphs, figures and tables should be consecutively numbered and have titles. Their source, if any, should be quoted. They should appear in the next page to the one they are quoted.

List of references: the list of references should be in alphabetical order by author's surname and in chronological order for different references by the same author. The list should be included after main text. The format of its entries should be the following:

a) for books: author's surname and first name initials (or name of the institution if the author is not a person); year of publication, title in italics, place of publication, publisher. For example: Anderson T.W. (1958), An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis, New York, John Wiley;

b) for articles in journals: author's surname and first name initials (or name of the institution if the author is not a person), year of publication, title, title of the journal in italics, volume number, issue number, number of the starting page - number of the ending page.For example: Salant S.W. (1977), Search Theory and Duration Data: A Theory of Sorts, Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. xci, n. 1, pp. 39-57;

c) for articles or chapters in books: author's surname and first name initials (or name of the institution if the author is not a person), year of publication, title, reference to the book including the article, number of the starting page - number of the ending page. For example: D'Antonio M. (1975), Sul commercio estero, in Graziani A. (ed.), Crisi e ristrutturazione nell'economia italiana, Torino, Einaudi, pp. 10-26.

d) for unpublished manuscripts: author's surname and first name initials (or name of the institution if the author is not a person), year of completion, title, name of the institution where the manuscript is available, statement «mimeo».

e) for the articles to be included in the Survey section, authors are invited to indicate in the list of references:

1) year of the first publication of the quoted work and all the related information (place of publication, publisher; title of the journal, volume number, issue number, numbers of pages; reference to the book including the article);

2) possible other edition or reprints of the quoted work;

3) possible English translation of quoted pieces of work in foreign languages;

In any case the year of publication quoted in the reference in the main text should be the same as the one quoted in the list of references.

Proofs: corrected proofs should be sent back to the publisher by the time agreed upon with the editorial office; if corrected proofs do not reach the publisher by that date, proofs will be corrected by the editorial office. Amendments should be limited to corrections of errors in the submitted text.

Offprints: the author is entitled to received 1 free copy of the issue including her/his article.


 Information for Authors

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