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In more than 20 years of activity the review  "Economia politica - Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics" has published contributions addressing theoretically relevant issues, aiming at building a correct relationship between theory and economic analysis, approaching new and important problems and issues of the ever changing economic reality.
The review intends to provide a contribution to restore a correct and fruitful relation between theory and economic analysis, thus integrating the elegant formalism of some more theoretical literature and the pragmatic contribution of applied analysis.

Nota di apertura del primo numero della rivista (vol. I, no. 1, 1984)
Associate Editors (eds)

Economia Politica: alcune valutazioni dopo quattro anni (vol. V, no. 2, 1988)
by Paolo Pini and Luisa Segnana

Sedici anni di Economia Politica. Una analisi dal 1984 al 1999. (vol. XVI, no. 3, 1999)
Associate Editors (eds)

Sixteen Years of Economia Politica. An Analysis from 1984 to 1999 (vol. XVI, no. 3, 1999)
by Sandro Montresor

Economia politica. Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics. Foreword (Vol. XXIII, no. 1, 2006)
by Alberto Quadrio Curzio


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